We are humbled to welcome the first intake of students to the Global Business Roundtable Leadership Academy. We are all fortunate to be part of this Leadership Academy, which we believe will grow into one of the Global leading universities and impact millions of leaders from around the world. The Academy is poised to raise a new breed of leaders, never before seen anywhere in the world. These leaders will be charged with restoring the original order of things, as the creator of the heavens and earth intended.

We have no shadow of doubt that the Academy will be a leadership fountain from which nations will draw leaders with moral authority and courage; which will serve selflessly and tirelessly for the future generations that will come after us. The training is holistic in nature and will focus on all sectors of society . More than anything today, the world is in limbo, not because there is not enough resources for everyone, but because leaders have no ethical and moral compass to lead with love, empathy and integrity .

The Academy will be a standard to which all leaders and aspiring of the Global Business Roundtable and the Global Fund For Jesus will have to subscribe to. This will assist in ensuring that the level of competence of leaders, in local and transnational levels are the same, ensuring that even the most marginalised of our communities have the best leaders who will lift the communities to global standards.

Albert Einstein famously said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”. We are of the firm belief that the ills of society throughout the world can be resolved by leadership that is well-rounded and has morals and ethics at its very core. The leadership academy will be a trailblazer in ensuring that people never experience the poverty of leaders. We have a bold strategy to take us to 2020, based on a clear vision to invest in intellectual talent to make a difference in the leadership paradigms of many nations.

The GBR Leadership Academy exists to serve Four Key purposes:

Firstly and primarily, to be a catalyst of Kingdom leaders from all sectors of society in order to eliminate leadership deficiency.  We model this leader with Jesus Christ as the compass of his path, emulating him in their leadership journey

Our second purpose is to produce and disseminate knowledge through all kinds of research, creative undertakings so that we can advance the frontiers of knowledge, human understanding and wisdom. We appreciate that society is in consistent evolution with the technological and innovation sectors leading the new revolution, but we appreciate knowledge to be a precursor of all human sciences

Thirdly is to engage with leaders in ways which allow and encourage our leaders to engage critically with knowledge and its production. Through our training, our leaders will not only develop a “critical appreciation of the ways in which we gain knowledge and understanding of the universe, of society, and of ourselves”, but should also be inducted into the intricacies of knowledge-creation.

We seek to produce leaders who are knowledgeable and skilled; who are critical and democratic citizens and ethical leaders who are committed to the values of human understanding, social justice, human development and service to society; committed to human rights and environmental justice; who will not just see our society or the world as it is but can imagine a better society and a better world and act with courage and conviction to change our society and the world for the better.

Finally the Academy exists to bridge the knowledge gap and to ensure that future and current leaders are well versed with the demands of the current day world. That each is in a place to answer the call of their generational question with extreme clarity and sound opinion.

It is paramount for us to have a bottom-up approach, that is why our leaders must be on the same level of comprehension and knowledge should be disseminated equitably across the different tiers of leadership.

We are all very humbled, as be we should be to be amongst the makers of history as we take part in this inaugural training process. I have no doubt in my heart that this Academy will grow into a university that will raise many doyens of different disciplines and that many from around the world will form part of its pedagogy. Our future leaders will one day inherit a solid institution of thought and critical inquiry. It is thus essential that young people see this as an opportunity to actively participate in this academy and equip themselves for leadership.

We are generational and always build to ensure tomorrow is better than yesterday and today. As the founding generation we must spend ourselves in this noble mandate and ensure that our grand and great-grandchildren stand on better ground than we did, and that the world is a better place. Through this Academy leadership will have a new face everywhere and we invite all leaders and aspirant leaders of different sectors of society to join this Academy.

We also invite Kingdom-minded intellectuals and academics who want to make a meaningful contribution to society to join the faculty. It is going to be a centre of the accumulation of thought capital, rigorous engagement and debate and development.

We are humbled that at its very first year the faculty of GBR Leadership Academy has attracted more than a hundred faculty members who are experts in leadership, politics, government, media and communications, business, economy and finance, science and technology, sports, project management etc

We wish you all the best in all your endevours in this academic year and look forward to seeing you at the training sessions.

Asante sana! Thank you! Merci beaucoup! obrigado! Gratias valde!

Mr Sipho Mseleku
President, GBR Leadership Academy

BA (Hons), LLB, LLM (Tax Law), H.Dip Co Law (Witwatpxersrand), F.Inst.D (Fellow of the Institute of Directors) Attorney of the High Court of South Africa

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